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Beyond definition | short film

After two decades Gregor Zadravec returns to his hometown and to his home river.
Instead of waiting for something to happen far away on some other river,
lake or sea he takes advantage of things that are in front of him now.
While merging home and adventure he's also trading kayaking,
canoeing and suping for paddling.


Client: Sandi Line

Production: JP Productions

Producer: Tomaž Praunseis

Director: Tomaž Praunseis

DOP: Tomaž Praunseis

Script writer: Gregor Zadravec & Tomaž Praunseis

Camera assistant: Rok Frešer

Editor: Tomaž Praunseis

Colorist: Tomaž Praunseis

Postproduction: Tomaž Praunseis

Sound design: Tomaž Praunseis