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The process | commercial

The process | JBMC gloves

Motion is everywhere. All our surroundings are constantly altering wether we like it or not.
Like hannds on a clock, this process is always in motion.
We follow an artist's journey trough this process of creation.
How he finds inspiration trough motion in two contrasting surroundings - a city and a mountain.
He floats over the rough concrete and the untouched slopes effortlessly.
He embracess his environment as inspiration for art.

The graphic being drawn is used on a JBMC snowboard glove.


Client: JBMC

Production: JP Productions

Producer: Tomaž Praunseis

Director: Tomaž Praunseis

DOP: Denis Bianchi, Tomaž Praunseis

Script writer: Teo Ivančič, Tomaž Praunseis

Camera assistant: Aljaž Sedovšek

Editor: Tomaž Praunseis

Colorist: Rok Frešer

Light: Aljaž Sedovšek

Postproduction: Tomaž Praunseis

Sound design: Jaka Tavš